Presented By Kathy Schneider and Jordan Maylea

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  • How to Quickly Find an Endless Supply of Interested Prospects Online Every Day for Free  
  • What to Say to Your Prospects on Facebook to Make Them Instantly Want to Know More  
  • How to Convert Interested Prospects Into Customers and Team Members Without Feeling Pushy 
Thursday at 11am EST

What Other's Are Saying...

"I've been privileged to know Kathy Schneider and Jordan Maylea for almost 10 years. During that time I've taken the opportunity to learn from these women who I call living leaders. They are the leaders who live their leadership by example. There isn't a thing they teach or suggest which they haven't done or experienced themselves. They lead by example. They teach with giving heart. I consider my life better and blessed by not only knowing them, but learning from them."

Kim Steadman Grand Prairie, Texas

"I have been through a lot of training with Kathy and Jordan. I appreciate all the knowledge that they have provided all along, always looking out for everyone, and I feel that they genuinely care for me and everyone else. They always make sure I have the tools to be able to move my business forward. I am happy to say that they are not only mentors but I consider them my friends."

Denis Coruzzi Charlotte, North Carolina